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We are updating CEUManager

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New Features
  • Cross Certification Tracking - Our new, easy-to-use Course edit screen allows you to assign CE credits to several certification groups at once, making it easy to track multiple certifications with a minimum of data entry. Currently CEUManager provides for more than(8) certifications or credentials for any certifying or licensing board.

  • Current Renewal Year Summary

  • Onscreen Certification Summary - View your current renewal year statistics for all certifications from any screen. The summary displays the number of CEUs required, earned, and still needed to renew for each certification type.

  • Renewal Reports - CEUManager now provides (5) different renewal reports, automatically generated at the click of a button with your personal information and coursework.

  • Renewal Reminders - To help you keep on top of your certifications, CEUManager provides a visual reminder onscreen when your renewal date is within 30 days, plus we'll send you a courtesy email letting you know that you're coming up on renewal.

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